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More and more dogs are suffering from some kind of skin problem that causes itching, seborrhoea, baldness and even wounds.

Ozone therapy is a natural therapy that, without any side effects, offers great benefits.

The system we use in HELLODOG! is very effective because the ozone is directly mixed with the shower water. In this way, the ozone acts during the whole duration of the bath.

Due to its properties it is:




circulatory activator

stimulation of the immune system

Bathing with ozone helps the recovery of sick or troubled skin. At the same time it enhances the absorption of nutrients from cosmetic products used to improve the animal's coat.

In alopecic problems, ozone oxygenates the tissues and activates the metabolism of fats and circulation, it is an activator of the immune system and stimulates the white blood cells, increasing the body's defences against external aggression.

Bathing with ozone causes a total cleaning of the dead cells and deeply disinfects the skin by stimulating the blood flow.

Ozone has a germicidal, antioxidant and healing action. It destroys pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and fungi and can reduce skin lesions and reduce outbreaks such as otitis and skin infections.

Ozone therapy helps dogs recover from surgery.

It is a very useful analgesic treatment for dogs with arthrosis, reducing pain and inflammation and increasing joint mobility.

It does not leave toxic residues in the body.

This treatment is only recommended for pregnant dogs and animals with an allergy to ozone.

Therapeutic ozone therapy to treat skin problems is always accompanied by specific dermocosmetics. To obtain optimum results it is necessary not only to have a veterinary diagnosis, but also to set treatment guidelines, especially in strong outbreaks. Firstly, a shock treatment must be carried out, and then we would go on to maintenance to control that the outbreaks are lighter or even do not show up at all.

The dermocosmetics used are specific products, natural and tested on humans, made specifically to treat the skin from the inside. Hair is a reflection of the health of the skin, and healthy skin will give healthy hair.


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