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From NatPaw we want to make an appeal to all those dogs without race, to the "crosses", to the mutts, to the not perfect ones. To you, to all of you we want to welcome NatPaw, an online shop of handmade accessories for pets where we want the real protagonists to be you.


You will find a wide variety of handmade accessories for dogs and cats; from collars, leashes and prize carriers to bag dispensers and teethers. If your pet has been a good boy all year and is the one who is most happy to see you, why not give him a little present? In the end, you'll both enjoy it.


We have many types of designs, and the best thing about them is that they are hand-made to give that unique loving touch that only an animal lover can give. And the best thing about them! You can go together with your pet buying also our handmade backpacks and key rings.


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