Investment opportunity

Invest opportunity.

Pandemia 2021/2022
Share issue Tinber network EU.  Tinberdog, created for dog lovers.

The number of households owning pets increased dramatically during the pandemic and consumers started spending more and more on their pets. provides an online network specializing in all things canine. Online expansion with the Dutch is planned for 02/2022.

Most of the world owns pets; Dogs are tops!
Dogs put us in a better mood, contribute to healthy behavior, help us recover from illness, and keep us safe. With all that our dogs do for us, it is important that we take good care of our four-legged friends.    

Pet market in Europe - statistics & facts

02/2022 Expansion with
Tinber Network EU holding is a European enterprise and has been active online since 2006. Tinberdog offers an online network, consisting of an English language and will soon be expanded with a Dutch language marketplace, which targets a niche market of +/- 3 million dog owners. Tinberdog is successfully active on Instagram
Investing in Tinberdog online Network. For more information contact us.

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