Investment - Growth capital

Invest in Tinberdog.
The number of households owning one or more dogs has increased during the past Pandemic and consumers have started spending more money on their pets. focuses on a niche market of +/- 4.5 million dog owners (the Netherlands and Flamings). For the expansion and positioning of Tinberdog in the initially Dutch-speaking market, Tinber Network EU, SL is looking for growth capital/investor(s) in exchange for shares in the BV/Holding.

2021 - 2022 - 2023 Tinberdog/webshop
In-house developed Marketplace software. Developed with Microsoft ASP.NET - SaaS technology. Responsive design.
Software assets are owned by the BV/Holding.


Everything for Dogs in one place.

The assets (Marketplaces) are owned and on our property. All software investments have been realized.

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