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¿Does your dog makes you suffer a bit ?

This could be because he might react to other animals, or humans, or because pulls on the leash or just becaus you cannot leave him alone at home. 

You tought you could do it all on you own but you struggeling a bit and some coaching for you and your family might be a good idea? 

If you live near Playa de Aro and you would like to have a helping hand or in ENglish, or in Dutch do not hesitate to contact me.

I am dutch and a dog coach for more than 15 years. I have a small dog centre in Playa de Aro, and who know maybe i could help you to understand better your dog and how you could help him to change some of the behaviours you might not understand the WHY?.

I am an expert in the TTOuch tecniques which are above all training tecnics which take in consideration the wellbeing of you and your dog, and our trainings are based on respect and colaboration from both sides. 

Would you like to know a bit more, please by all means contact us, even if your dog is 6 years old, we are never too old to learn new thing ...??


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