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Cultus Danmark

How to get the best result?
It is a prerequisite that the dog is ready to bathe, that is, the coat has been brushed, use the tangles to help with any. Filtered skin.

Use the shampoo that suits your dog.

Read the instructions for use before use and never mix shampoo "at random".

It is very important to follow the proper mixing conditions to maintain the correct pH value, otherwise, the dog may suffer an allergic reaction if the shampoo is mixed too strongly.

Use a measuring cup and distribute the bottle to get the most out of the products; otherwise, most will spill directly into the sink.

Always wash twice ...

First wash the "pre-wash" is to wash out all the dirt, and the post-wash is to take advantage of the effect of the shampoo contents.

Advantageously, you can let the shampoo soak for the second time for 5-10 minutes, especially for pests and skin problems to get a better effect.

Massage the shampoo well into the coat ,,,,, and then be sure to rinse it well.... Shampoo residue can cause skin irritation.

Choose the conditioner/conditioner that suits your dog.

Massage the coat well and let it pull as needed.

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