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Grooming Peludos

Welcome to Peludos Canine Hairdresser in Córdoba
Peludos, the center of canine aesthetics in Cordoba, where your pet will feel at home. Peludos is formed for the love of animals, with the firm vocation to give your pet the best possible treatment and to give you the best service.

Our main objective is the satisfaction of our clients and their pets. For it we have completely new facilities, with all the necessary comforts and the widest range of services.

In Peludos you will always have a personalized advice. We offer a quality service at very competitive prices that will fit perfectly to your budget.

Just as we take care of their health with regular visits to the veterinarian, it is no less important to keep their skin and coat clean, as it will help prevent diseases and infections. To achieve this, regular maintenance is necessary, which varies according to the type of breed.

In our grooming salon we use a specific shampoo for each type of coat, always respecting the specific needs of each dog.

We work only with leading brands in canine cosmetics, such as SAN BERNARD, PSH, ...

What differentiates us from other dog grooming salons is that our facilities are completely open to the customer, who can see at all times how the grooming service is performed to your pet, the treatment received, the products we use, ...

A very important aspect to take into account is the time spent grooming the animal. We are aware that each dog is different and that each one needs a certain amount of time, depending on its character and condition, so it is very important not to rush your groomer, his work is very delicate and needs concentration.

Grooming Peludos
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