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Dear dog owner. Your dog should be 6 to 7 months old before he can join the transportable dog kindergarten and be aired in a pack, a little depending on the breed and from dog to dog. A small puppy's sense of direction is far from fully developed and he gets distracted quickly. Their muscles are also not strong enough for slightly larger dogs to play with. Many short trips to the puppy during the day are optimal because they spend 70 to 80% of their time sniffing and looking. A puppy course is almost essential because socializing with other dogs is important to get your dog off to a good start. When your dog is old enough, when the call is safe enough and he is happy to play with other dogs, then your dog is ready for professional airing for an hour off leash.

When your dog is aired off-leash and with 8-9 other dogs, he has the optimal conditions to use his body language. Many unfortunate experiences can be credited to using leashes. This is because the owner often pulls the leash towards him and the dog when they have to greet other dogs. It severely limits the dog's communication skills and misunderstandings arise. When your dog is aired with other species for an hour and gets to use all his senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch), then it is equivalent to having to air your dog for three hours on a leash, to accomplish the same thing. dog fatigue. Most behavioral problems are due to lack of physical activity, stimulation and socialization. Professional dog aeration is one option to remedy this problem.

It is with 100% certainty that I can say that you get a happy, well stimulated and tired dog after finishing dog aeration, which is always carried out in free running areas for dogs. Here, dogs are allowed to run laps and chew before the trip returns to the car, which has the air conditioning on during the hot summer months. Your dog will get a break from his dog basket for about 3 hours, as there will be some transport time to and from the woods, park or stall. Should you air your dog out? You can read about me here .



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