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Dog Aquapark Canino

The Aquapark The first water park for dogs!

Do you want to see your dog surfing? You'll find two huge pools where your dogs can swim freely, water slides, canoes, a dune area to roll around in and gardens to play frisbee or ball.

Our canine aquapark is every dog's dream: a place designed exclusively for him, where he can play with his owner and many other furry friends. Don't you think your dog deserves a day in paradise?
Our team
Friends of the hairy ones

The people who make up the team are great lovers of animals, so much so that we have made this love our profession. We have veterinary assistants, dog trainers and experts in animal psychology and behavior.

We know how important a day of freedom and fun is for a dog, and for that reason, we work hard to offer our furry friends the best dog park that can exist.

Paeeros Al Aqua
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Country: Spain
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