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Minitoutou Garde d' Animals

Minoutoutou is a home-based pet care company.


For more than 10 years now, this small company has been providing animal care services.


Minoutoutou starts in May 2007 with Jennifer Balsiger, who after

4 years of experience as a veterinary medicine assistant, decides to devote herself to animals at home and in a personalised way. In 2015, Jennifer realizes that she is dedicated to caring for animals more deeply and takes on a new challenge with Naturasoins.



In April 2015, Emilie took over Minoutoutou and replaced Jennifer.



Emilie, with a federal MEC (dog trainer instructor) certificate labelled by the FRC, comes to your home to look after your furry or feathered companion. In February 2017, she begins a training course with Dr. Joël Dehasse, a canine and feline behaviourist recognised throughout the world. The training will enable her to obtain a certificate as a canine coach.


Minitoutou Garde d'animals
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