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Residencia Hotel for Dogs - Mediterrania centro canino

Dog Centre


Information about our centre during this situation:

We continue to work and take care of the housed pets and those who need us.

-Extreme hygiene and general measures.

-The animal will be disinfected at the entrance and exit of the centre.

-They will be accompanied by only one person.

-We will not accept objects such as beds or straps, as we have everything necessary here.

-Payment will be made by credit card.

-The training classes will only be internal.

-Group classes and Agility training are cancelled.

Our dogs will have the same attention and care as always for their walks and games.


Pets do not transmit COVID-19. Infected people should avoid contact with them. Do not put more veneers on dogs. Do not abandon them under any circumstances.


For health personnel, people in quarantine or inflexible isolation and especially for the elderly without resources, we will help you with a 50% discount on: Transport, stay, disinfection and washing. Valid until July 2020.

Special hours: from 10 am to 1 pm from Monday to Saturday. Emergencies: from 16 to 18h from Monday to Friday with previous appointment by mobile, whatsap or mail for any doubt.

TEL 647920763

Greetings and encouragement to all.


Mediterrania Centro Canino
+34 64792****
Country: Spain
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