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Unican - A hotel for your pet

We have a kennel with facilities of 2500 square meters.
We have 22 kennels of 6 and 11 square meters and 200 square meters of recreation.

The kennel Unican - Malaga is of recent design and construction.

Therefore, in addition to the extensive experience we have acquired in the care of dogs, the design has been made following the guidelines that guarantee us maximum comfort and the best care.

All this has resulted in a construction with the following advantages:

There are no sharp edges with which to injure the pads or muzzles.
The compartments are independent of each other to avoid contagion and to avoid the stress that can be generated between the dogs, thus avoiding aggressive gestures towards others, typical of the dominant dog: bristly hair, tusk swabbing, tail raising.
All accommodation has a top cover to avoid bad weather.
The drinking and feeding troughs are made of stainless steel and have a built-in anti-overturn system.
Each cage has a safety system to prevent the animals from accidentally escaping.
More than 200 square metres totally enclosed by a fence, where the dog walks individually every day both in the morning and at the end of the day.
We also have large capacity double compartments to house two dogs from the same owner.
Altogether, we have more than 22 kennels of 6 and 11 square metres each, where the space and well-being of each animal is guaranteed.

Residencia Canina
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