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La Cabana Zarpa - A Coruña

We have been working with pets for more than 10 years (as a dog groomer, as a veterinary assistant...) and now we are adding this hotel to our professional career. We attend and will continue to attend courses on animal behaviour, and our aim is to make your dog as comfortable as possible while you are away.


They are all special, unique, but the one that has marked us most without a doubt is Zarpa, a beautiful Labrador retriever. She is the first dog we have had as a couple, hence the name of our hotel.

We have a beautiful hotel with individual wooden cabins, perfectly isolated with an interior area and terrace, automatic drinking fountain, cot (although you can bring your usual cot) and some magnificent play and walking areas to go out as often as possible, at least twice a day. The floor of this area is made of fine river sand, so that the collection of faeces is hygienic and thus avoids the proliferation of parasites. The area is completely closed. We are next to a forest, in a quiet and perfect area for your dog to enjoy to the full.


La Cabana Zarpa
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Country: Spain
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