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Diggers Den Dog Hotel in Tenerife

Diggers Den Dog Hotel is a luxury dog kennel facility in Tenerife, located just outside Granadilla in the South of the island. We offer dog boarding in spacious kennels with large private runs, nine large exercise areas, dog grooming and bathing, playtime, pet taxi, overseas pet transportation, food delivery and, of course, emergency veterinarian support.


We welcome dogs of all shapes and sizes in a limited number of luxury kennels. We can accommodate multiple dogs from one family in each kennel so that they do not need to be separated. We work hard to give our furry guests a clean, comfortable, and enjoyable place to spend their holidays.


Our private and secure dog hotel offers purpose-built, modern accommodation and outstanding facilities suitable for all breeds and sizes of dog. We will look after your dogs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have 4,000sqm of land purely devoted to dogs, including a games/agility area. We leave the radio on from first thing in the morning until lights out so our furry guests always hear some noise. After lights out, the solar lights inside the kennels kick in, so they are never in full darkness. All our guests drink the same filtered water that we drink in the house. In summer we have a msiting system that cools down the outdoor area.


We only accept fully vaccinated dogs so you can rest assured that your dog is safe from exposure to any disease. We do accept puppies, but if they have not yet been fully vaccinated, then they will need to remain in their kennel area and private run for the duration of their stay.


We love our dogs and will care for yours as if they are our own. We regularly upload photos to our official Facebook page so pet parents can check up on their dog whilst away. Please take a look at the Guestbook to see the happy faces of our furry guests. And you can view pictures of our kennel facilities here. We also offer on site dog grooming and a pet transportation service.


If you would like to visit our facilities, we would be more than happy to take you on a tour during business hours. Please feel free to contact us to make an appointment between 10.30am-4pm (not on Sundays) or if you require any additional information.


Diggersden Tenerife
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