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Hello, hello,

I am Doro, born in 1973 and live in our multi-generation house in Langwedel with my family and our dogs.

In recent years, out of necessity, we have taken in dogs from friends at short notice during the holiday season.

We had many conversations with the dog owners about where to send their beloved animal on holiday and what it should look like there. This led to the project of opening a DOG hostel according to my own ideas.


I successfully completed the necessary training as an animal specialist in June 2015, after interesting internships (at the Arche Warder animal park and the Rendsburg animal shelter), school time, homework, and written and oral exams in Kassel.

All permits according to § 11 of the Animal Welfare Act have been issued by the veterinary office in Rendsburg and as of August 2015 the DOG-Hostel, your dog boarding facility in

Schleswig-Holstein - Langwedel.

In 2017, I had another inspection by the Rendsburg Veterinary Office and have now been granted permanent approval.


In 2017, I completed training as a dog groomer and was able to set up a small salon in our house. You can find more info here on the following pages.


In 2019, we were also very busy and did a lot of remodelling in the house to make it even nicer for the dogs and to further secure the future!

In 2020, we renewed part of the fencing in the outdoor area.

And in 2021 we also have a lot of plans for the outdoor area, so let us surprise you.

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