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Oh My Dog Hotel

The Oh My Dog Hotel is a luxury hotel for dogs in the Tienen region, established specifically to offer the most personal service possible in a luxurious setting. Due to the limited number of places available, we have the opportunity to provide the best care and attention to each dog. For example, there are several race courses where they can play together or alone and each dog has a large indoor and outdoor kennel that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The kennels are equipped with all possible comfort and safety features such as: seating, radio, surveillance cameras, smoke detectors, heating and air conditioning.


In addition, we are both trained and experienced with the most diverse breeds and "problem dogs", so we help in the rehabilitation of frightened dogs and try to contribute to the shelter by acting as a foster family. All this in addition to our activities as obedience instructors in Hundo en Boutersem.

Oh My Dog Hotel
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