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Ventery Montjuic

The quality of the care we offer our patients and the search for improvements in health treatment and prevention are the cornerstones of our philosophy:

To offer our patients the best medical treatment, humane treatment and excellence in service.
The effectiveness of our professional actions as our main commitment.
To be leaders in the veterinary sector with better and differentiated services.
To ensure technological and scientific innovation.
To maintain a constant desire to improve the services provided.
Providing all medical units with state-of-the-art technology that allows for the application of minimally invasive methods.
To develop preventive medicine as one of the pillars on which to base the quality of life of our patients.
The organisation of health education and scientific dissemination programmes aimed at both the general public and the veterinary community.
The satisfaction and corporate pride of the organisation's professionals.
Working to improve animal welfare, defending their rights and avoiding any kind of suffering.
To be concerned about our contribution to the welfare of our people and the progress of society.
To get involved in the preservation of the natural environment.


Veterinary Montjuic
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