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Clinic Animal Club

The owner of the clinic is Alberto G-Pumariega, who graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Cordoba in 1986, specialising in medicine and health. From the time of his graduation, he has carried out clinical activity in various centres, in Cadiz, Cartagena, Javea, until finally settling in Marbella in June 1992. Since then, he has offered his services and experience, both in the Clinic and in outpatient care in other centres, standing out in the Selwo facilities.

We are a clinic that offers comprehensive care for pets, specialising in dogs and cats. In addition to medical care, we can offer you information and advice on all facets of the relationship between us and our pets.

We dedicate all our time, knowledge and practice to knowing and improving their quality of life, which is improving our own.

We can give advice and guidance when choosing a new pet. Don't just take advice from anyone. Consult with professionals.

Clinica Animal Club
Country: Spain
Ad number: 20048