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Clínica Veterinaria La Viña

At Clínica Veterinaria La Viña we have a consultation room where we will attend to your pet, putting all our knowledge and the latest technologies in diagnosis and treatment of diseases at your service. We have complete equipment to take x-rays. We also have an ultrasound machine. We can also carry out a complete electrocardiographic study of your pet.

To maintain the oral health of your pet, our veterinary dentist will carry out an ultrasound cleaning, polishing of the teeth and curettage. He will also carry out the necessary extractions.

In the adjoining room there is an operating theatre equipped with inhalation anaesthesia, breathing and cardiac activity monitors, oxygen therapy and everything necessary to carry out the surgery under adequate aseptic conditions. Our surgeons have the experience and knowledge necessary to perform all general surgery procedures.

We also have a complete analytical laboratory at Clínica Veterinaria La Viña where we can carry out cytology, coprology, urine analysis, haemograms, blood biochemistry and diagnostic tests for infectious and parasitic diseases.

In our veterinary clinic you will find a hospitalisation room where we will keep your pet in intensive care, with the maximum possible comfort and the least possible stress. One of the cages is adapted to receive continuous oxygen therapy, for example for the recovery of newborns or for patients with heart failure.


Clínica Veterinaria La Viña
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