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Clínica veterinaria Metazoo

Metazoo Veterinary Clinic
At Metazoo, our main objective is to take care of animal welfare. We strive every day to offer the highest medical quality because we consider our patients to be one of the family. To this end, we are always in constant training and updating of our knowledge, and we offer a friendly, patient and loving treatment.

Our facilities consist of two consulting rooms, a laboratory, an operating theatre, hospitalisation, an image studio, a hairdressing salon and a specialised shop.

In addition to the general veterinary service we offer other services such as soft tissue surgery, oncology/chemotherapy, ophthalmology, internal medicine, our own laboratory (haematology, blood biochemistry, antigen tests, microscopy, cytology).

We also have an emergency service

Veterinaria Metazoo
Country: Spain
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