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Clínica veterinaria plaza de España

Having our own laboratory in the clinic allows us to obtain results quickly, as sometimes time is a crucial factor. The same thing happened to us with the operating theatre: the use of laparoscopy, inhalation anaesthesia, incubators for our patients have allowed us to help animals recover quickly and with little trauma.
Animal welfare is important: we sedate your little ones in your presence so that they fall asleep more calmly, we try to make calm consultations and we review cases regularly.
In addition, we design health plans so that you can make a forecast of veterinary expenses so that visits and check-ups are planned. In addition to having discounts on the rest of the services.
And, so that you don't forget the treatments, we take care of making monthly reminders, as well as check-ups and vaccinations that your little friends need.


Clínica veterinaria cadiz
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