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Spanish Water Dog

All our puppies leave our home with their official pedigree certificate issued by the Royal Canine Society of Spain and are registered in the Spanish Stud Book. (LOE).
Our dogs are endorsed by the excellent bloodline of their ancestors, which include champions of Spain, international and world champions in morphology exhibitions.
To the price of our puppies we have to add 21% VAT.
All our breeding dogs are tested for hip dysplasia and APR. (progressive retinal atrophy). It should be noted that we can guarantee 100% progressive retinal atrophy because we always cross tested specimens and we know how to cross them, so no puppy will ever be blinded by APR. Different is the hip dysplasia, even if we cross free of dysplasia we can have some problem, because this disease is multifactorial, it is not only congenital but also influenced by many factors such as poor diet, inadequate exercise according to the age of the puppy and some more. There is no breeder that can guarantee that their puppies do not suffer from hip dysplasia, although this breed is not prone to suffer from this disease and if it does suffer it does not affect it much because it is not a very heavy breed like other larger breeds.
Our puppies from the day they leave our home, have a guarantee of 15 days for viral infection and until the year of birth for congenital disease. As long as the new owner has followed our and veterinary recommendations and has not exposed the puppy in risky situations.
Upon delivery of the puppy we provide: photocopy of the pedigree of the parents, registration and registration of the litter in the LOE, and the health card with the vaccinations that belong according to the age of the puppy.

In case that any puppy, reserved or sold, has any mishap of any kind during his stay in our house and before the delivery to his new family, this one will have the right to the recovery of the total of the money given or to choose another puppy.
When you decide to reserve a puppy, you must contact us and once you choose it definitely 30% of the total amount of the sale of the puppy will be requested as a deposit, and then it will be announced as reserved on the web. When your puppy is to be delivered you will have to pay the other amount of the amount and as soon as possible you will receive your pet at home by transport agency in case you do not pick it up at our house.
Those who purchase one of our puppies are understood to understand and accept these conditions of reservations and guarantees.

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