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Kennel Chalina Bernese Dog

Our kennel consists of a mom and daughter team. Our first Bernese we got in 2001 and since been hooked on this amazing breed. We started with Tulle (Tertzo’s Chantilly) just as a normal family dog. But we knew nothing of what was coming to us…
We had two litters on Tulle, where we kept one daughter from: Trille (Angelina). She was much more the show dog than her mother. And she started to get us hook on showing our BMD’s. But last and not least, we ended up with our c-litter after Trille to keep Sweetie (Carolina). More than 25 titles combined with her brother Basse (Caio). They made us more than hooked on the showing part, where we got to visit places we never thought visiting. Created friendship we never thought we would have. An nonetheless they were kind of the reason we got in connection to Helena, who bred Cheekie. Yeah, and our amazing other friendships around the world.

Success, we have had, but what we value the most is health and temperament. That is also why we led our three generation line go with the last litter. Due to not compromising on health. But as far as with the dogs, we thrive to do our best for the breed and therefore our puppy-buyers.

Tulle, Trille and Sweetie is within the DNA of our kennel. They mark our kennel name Chalina. A mix of Tertzo’s

Chantilly, Angelina & Carolina.

On the go we got a pyrenean mountain dog named Katie. She is special to the heart and the relationships she has created has made joy in our life. This breed will always stick with Fie. As they are unique and fits so well with our Berners.

Our life with the dogs now consist of enjoying them everyday, work with them and show them. This is not just a hobby but our very dedicated lifechoice.

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