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American Cocker Spaniel

The interest in American Cocker started already in the late 60s when my parents bought their first puppy of the breed. It was with one of the first breeders in Denmark: Jytte Bjørn, Kennel Saxdalen.
My parents already bred English Cockerspaniels - my father is an active dog judge and my mother as a dog groomer, so a real dog family !!!

I have always been very independent and wanted to have "my own" from an early age and I had actually decided to save up for a Newfoundlander, but when my mother discovered it, I got the little American Cocker puppy as a gift instead, for we should not have big dogs .....


SAXDALENS TRULY YOURS, "LADY" then became my first American and it became more during my childhood, where I was already an active exhibitor. As an 18 year old I was awarded my own kennel mark, which in honor of my first dog, came to be called TRULY YOURS - registered in DKK / FCI 1981.

1 1983 I moved to Spain and took my 2 Americans with me, WE-SEDSO TRACY, a black bitch AND BONNETS AMERICAN APERITIF, Buff bitch that I had imported from Sweden. They were not quite young at the time and in fact had already withdrawn from the show world, but I still got blood on my teeth and wanted to try my luck in my new country, where at that time there were only quite a few specimens in the whole country and none at all in southern Spain. where I lived. And what better start than winning BEST IN SHOW with WE-SEDSO TRACY at my first show and then ran the race ......... I managed to get 16 certificates on Tracy without her becoming Spanish Champion when required to win at special exhibitions and so far we never reached, she was already 8 years old. APERITIF became my first Spanish champion.



In 1986 I contacted kennel WE-SEDSO in Denmark, when I wanted to get a Parti-color and buy a nice black and white bitch, WE-SEDSO LITTLE SASCHA, which will later be the start of my brog
bred in Spain, and mother of my first two champions of own breeding, TRULY YOURS MELODY OF SPAIN and TRULY YOURS DON´T WORRY BE HAPPY, two red / white siblings.
SASCHA himself did not become a star, but I quickly got a nice red / white bitch home, which was the start of her show career WE-SEDSO THE ONE´N ONLY "FELINE". She won the hearts of the Spaniards and with 17 BEST IN SHOWS from puppy and junior class, as well
certificate in Denmark at the Europa-Spaniel exhibition in 1988, where more than 130 of the breed were exhibited at the time, was one of her biggest victories.

"FELINE" later became a very important bitch in my breeding program and she has produced champions in all her litters.

American Cocker Spaniel
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