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Kennel Daneskjold Working Malinois

We started in 1985 handling two tervueren, which we trained in a civil program, containing only obedience, searching and tracking, but no defense work. We did very well in that program and we even did our first A-litter with these dogs. When we got the possibility to do the IPO program, we tried with our tervueren, but they were not breed for that program and they did not have what was necessary.


We became aware that malinois had better working abilities. But we were not told that malinois had working lines and show lines. At that time there were only show lines in Denmark and we did buy that type of malinois. We tried for some years to do IPO with show lines and we did not succeed very well either. We did our B, C, D and E litters on show lines.

Then we tried to breed our show line malinois to working line malinois, as we thought, like others before us, that we could get both exterior and working abilities at the same time. But we got malinois that was neither good show dogs nor good working dogs. Our F and G litters were such combinations.

In 1993 we jumped in at the Halusetha's kennel in Holland, trying to find good looking malinois for breeding, not knowing that we came to one of that times largest sport dog kennels in Holland , owned by Sonja and Hans van Rossum. Hans was dog handler for the Dutch Military and had several times been champion at the Dutch Championship KNPV (police dogs), but with dogs without FCI pedigrees. Hans had started breeding malinois with FCI-pedigrees and was vice champion at the Dutch championship KNPV 1995 with Lando (FCI-pedigree) (photo to the left, Hans and Lando). Besides Hans was Dutch champion IPO 3 with his bitch Ika, both for Belgian Shepherd and for all breed.

Sonja was World Champion IPO 3 for Belgian Shepherds in 1998 with Halusetha's Igor, a son of Ika.

Hans and Sonja came to change upside down what we had learned and heard about working malinois . At that time Hans and Sonja had 17 malinois in their kennel. One at a time their malinois came out of their kennels to say hello to us, all very open, friendly and happy dogs. Halusetha's malinois were strong dogs with high drive and they did really like to work. At Halusetha's we saw, what we had been looking for in our minds for several years, not knowing where to find it. We started all over again with malinois from Halusetha's, convinced about we were doing it the right way this time. Later we got a success in breeding that we never dreamt about.

We got several dogs from Halusetha's, among those Halusetha's Bobby, with which Finn became Scandinavian Champion IPO 3 in 1997, 1998 and 2000. Two time vice champion IPO 3 for all breed in Denmark and six times participant at World Championships IPO 3 for Denmark.

Kennel Daneskjold Working Malinois
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