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Kennel Fur And Paws

Welcome to, a page about kennel furs and paws and our beautiful dogs.

You can find information about the Chodsky Pes breed. Read in the blog about what happens in our kennel and what we do as breeders of the breed.
Here you will also find information about puppies for sale or if we have older dogs looking for a new home.

Dear child has many names and some of the names you can find for a Chodsky Pes (often pronounced in slightly different ways) are Chodenhund, Chodsky, Chodsky Dog, Böhmischer Schäferhund, Bohemian Shepherd Dog, Chien de Berger de Bohéme, Bohemian Shepherd Dog, Bohemian Shepherd, Chodenländer, Pastore Boemo, Chodsky Dog, Czech Shepherd Dog and probably many other names.

Sincerely, Albert and Tina


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