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I am available for personal training appointments for my puppy buyers, but also for all other interested parties.

Visit my own training website:

Over the years, I have gained experience with dogs, and this has manifested itself in several trainings in the U.S. with my role model and teacher, Cesar Millan.

Anyone who has managed a pack of 8-18 dogs and can ensure that they are all under control will surely understand what I mean.

I advise on everyday problems (barking, aggression, jumping, pulling the leash, lack of response to memory, anti-hunting training, hyperactivity) as well as all other problems.

I am a tested and certified dog trainer according to §11. §11 is a requirement since August 2014 for everyone who wants to work as a dog trainer.

From 2014 until now I have been trained at the Cesar Millan Center for Canine Psychology in California.

From February and May 2015 until December 2019, I was present at Cesar Millan's workshops as an assistant more than 12 times and I am happy to share my experiences in my workshops and coaching sessions.

2014-2019 I supported César Millan in the backstage of his tour in Germany.

In 2017 I was allowed to accompany CM's right hand and head coach Colleen Steckloff in the Shadow programme.

In 2018 and 2019 I visited other top trainers in Germany and expanded my knowledge. Among other things, my absolute role model Cheri Lucas. I was allowed to attend a workshop with this powerful woman twice and even participate in a shadow programme in December 2019.

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