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Contis Vom Goldberg

We would like to inform you that a percentage of our puppy price goes to the organisation "Band of Brothers". This organisation cares for the welfare of street dogs in Romania.

There is no financial aspect behind our breeding. We breed for the pure joy of the breed and to support its further development.

Our breeding started as a hobby and has become our purpose in life. Our everyday life revolves around our dogs, and not only from a breeding point of view. We do a lot with our dogs, go to dog school and live our normal family life with them.

To give you a better idea, you could compare it with the hobby of building model aeroplanes, in which you also put all your free time and spare no expense and effort.


To build up a breed, however, you also need large breeders. Unfortunately, these breeders are often associated with running their kennels with many dogs and puppies only from a financial point of view and not taking proper care of their animals.

We would like to refute this! Even the big breeders put all their passion and energy into this breed and their daily routine is only oriented towards their breeding. That's why they often run their breedings full-time, in order to do justice to the whole thing, and they do without holidays.

It is exactly these breeders who bring the breeds forward. Unfortunately, one or two litters a year do not achieve that much, which is why every breed needs its large breeding farms.



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