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Shih Tzu Breeder - Amare de Domi Canes

The Amare de Domi Canes facilities with video

Amare de Domi Canes' facilities are located in Alonsotegi, 10 minutes from Bilbao (Bizkaia) by car. It is a small, family-run centre and responsible for Bichon Maltés and Shih Tzu. We have more than 250m2 totally conditioned as bedrooms inside our home, and 1000m2 of land prepared for your enjoyment and leisure.

We work day by day to improve our facilities and give you a better home. Every year we make an important investment to improve the centre, adapting it to your needs and conditions, always giving more than what the law requires.
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We believe that a Breeding Centre should be transparent, so our home has glass walls. The only area that is not visible is the mothers' area, as they need peace and quiet.

All our dogs are part of our family. They go out at least 10 hours a day to the garden, where they are also protected from the weather. They sleep in their own bed, in an air-conditioned room, with food and water always at hand; and are watched over 24 hours a day. Once a week they are checked by our vet, and the dog groomer is in charge of their daily cleaning. This is our home, and we sleep next to them, always.

Check out our blog and social networks to keep you informed about all the improvements we have made in recent years for our little ones.


The Shih Tzu is a calm and affectionate dog, which makes it ideal for the elderly or those with reduced mobility who want a companion with few problems. It is also perfect for families with small children, as they are very homely, and usually do not have anxiety or aggression problems. Just don't ask them to run marathons, go to the mountains or play with the ball for hours. He will just sit and wait for you to hold him.

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