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Dogking Australian Cobberdog breeder

Cobberdogs for families and dog assisted therapy technicians
DOGKING is a prestigious comprehensive canine centre in Barcelona, specialized in therapies assisted with Australian Cobberdogs.
Our breeding programme is focused on developing Australian Cobberdogs with ideal temperaments to become hypoallergenic therapy and family dogs.


Companian dog

It loves children and playing with them
It doesn't dirty the house with dog hair
Even people with allergies to dogs can enjoy playing with it
It's quick to learn new tricks
It loves going on excursions and being part of the family
It has a great need for affection and is super loving
4 different sizes to adapt to your lifestyle
It's care is simple and its fur is very soft
It's happy nature is contagious

Therapy dog
Even temperament and great tolerance
Easy to train to do its work
Hypoallergenic fur, suitable for everyone
It doesn't shed hair, making it very hygienic for therapies carried out in centres or hospitals
Great ability to perceive mood
Respectful character and not at all taxing
4 different sizes to suit every user or task to be performed
It's peaceful by nature and always avoids problems


Cobber Dog King
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