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Spanish waterdog breeder - Criador del Bolanio

The desire of the Spanish Water Dog "Del Bolanio" Kennels and its owner Mr. Jose Luis Bernal, is to give the best quality of life to the animals born there and we, therefore, present these pages; with the idea that thorough knowledge and well-documented information regarding the Spanish Water Dog, for both existing and new owners, will contribute to an assessment of the breed in general, and in particular, of the quality and care in the breeding of the "Del Bolanio" Water Dogs.


To be the loving owner of a breed of dogs and be a breeder is everything in the world, in that each one is an experience and development which counts. But what I am clear about is that whatever you give or take, it isn't and mustn't be for economic reasons or to think that you have "simple animals". When you have reared and lived with a Spanish Water Dog it will reinforce the meaning of the phrase "a dog is a man's best friend" and it is when one starts to consider the many physical and psychological values of this "animal" which
at times has more human characteristics than many people; it is then that you will begin to value the best and most well behaved breed of dogs unequalled and incomparable in the world.




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