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Beagles de Aliseda


We usually have several litters throughout the year. We give our puppies from sixty days from their birth, properly vaccinated and dewormed, with the health card, the pedigree documentation processed through the Royal Canine Society of Spain, and also a guarantee of death by disease of 6 months from birth.

Care of the Beagle

The Beagle is a healthy dog and generally has a long life.
Exercise is important. For your Beagle, a few walks a week will be fine, if you have the opportunity to run free it will be better. It has no special feeding requirements, but do not overfeed it because it will be obese.
Its short coat requires minimum care. Brush it from time to time and bathe it only when necessary with a mild soap or dog shampoo. Take care of his medium-length ears at least once a month to prevent infection.
With regard to his character and whims, he needs a firm education. The Beagle has a dominant character and it is necessary for him to understand that we are the masters.



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