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If you are interested in our dogs, we will send you personalized and detailed information about the availability of delivery, sex, photos of the dog and its parents, delivery methods, how to make a reservation, the cost of the puppy, documentation, and everything related to the acquisition of our little ones, ensuring that you acquire a puppy with confidence and without the slightest doubt about the type of animal you are taking home.


Registered number G25/00317

Information and delivery of puppies

The puppies are delivered from 55-60 days , with the corresponding vaccines for their age, dewormed internally and externally, with their microchip and registered in the name of the puppy's owner, official passport, legalized and examined, guaranteed acts for traveling, all carried out and stamped by my vets.

Guarantee of the kennel in writing, of the incidences on the health for 15 days of viral diseases and for 6 months on congenital or hereditary diseases, signed.

I usually wean and separate my puppies from their mothers progressively from 45 days onwards, socialising them as much as possible one by one until they are delivered, so that they arrive at their homes as familiar as possible with humans, their new home and their environment, as well as with other animals, people, noises and so on.

I advise before and after the acquisition disinterestedly, on care, education, food, management and health of the animal, or anything else that can not or know how to solve, I will attend as far as possible, as well as I can and my knowledge so allow me.
I am in favor of making the delivery of the pet in the kennel, (is very important and good for the puppy, (which ultimately is the protagonist,) and if there are children a good experience for them, if not possible, send it by transport "Special Pet MRW" with some conditions, only and exclusively for the good of the animal, (adding only the postage and transport to the amount of the puppy) if you can, visiting the kennel, it will be worthwhile to see the puppies, brothers, parents and other specimens that make up the family, see their morphology, and above all their good character, nobility and the environment where they are bred and how, besides being important... talk to me about any doubt about the breed, the characteristics of my dogs and their bloodlines, without being of hunting lines, (more nervous and restless).

Also, if you can not visit the kennel, I invite you to go through my Facebook, is public, (simply giving the F of Facebook that is here on my page at the beginning or presentation) will give you confidence and security, because there you will see my dogs in their new homes with their owners, comments and another genius of them, also their day to day, commented by their owners.

If you are interested in my puppies, I will send you detailed and personalized information about availability, sex, photos of them and their parents, choice of the dog if possible, between two dogs, by photos or in the kennel for you, delivery methods, how to make a reservation, rates, payment methods, documentation and everything related to our children and their daily life in the home, making sure that you acquire a puppy with confidence, security, and guarantees.

Finally, before acquiring a puppy, it is essential to do so with confidence in my kennel, to have references and guarantees that they will have a good pet in their homes, the beagle is a peculiar dog and must acquire a specimen with nobility, balance, and good character, see the place where it has been raised and grown, know their parents and grandparents, so it will be as they will be adults.




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