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Beagle-Harrier and Harrier in Spain


His character is, quiet, and adapts to any type of life and environment. His face is very sweet, its bark is easy to identify in this race. Its main fault is disobedience and is very stubborn and playful. One of its greatest qualities is the excellent sense of smell that makes a good hunting breed.

Are they much guided by here and recognize odors to other races more easily. They can recall smells and relate them after many years. Origin: England. Character: Quiet and stubborn. Weight: 9 a 16 Kg. Height: 33 a 40 cm.

While the origin of this breed has been questioned, given the number of different versions that exist of the cross, one of the versions most consensual tells that they have reached the shores of Great Britain with the Norman invading armies of William the conqueror in 1066. Y, also, There is enough consensus that the Harrier today is the product of crosses between the Beagle and the Foxhound, born in the South of England, and their ancestors are big hounds dogs. Origin: United Kingdom. Character: Independent and intelligent. Weight: 20 a 27 Kg. Height: 48 a 53 cm..

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