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Seven years ago I traveled to Germany, a country where my cousin and her husband own a well-known and prestigious kennel specializing in the breeding of Labrador Retrievers called "Labradoresretriever Zuch Vom Egelsee". I tell you how I came up with the idea of ??building a breeding center for Labrador Retrievers in Catalonia.

Working alongside them, I discovered something: I have never felt so happy doing any other job. At the age of thirty-three, I found myself happy and excited because that job filled me up and aroused my interest so much that, more than a job, it became a hobby.

After a few years I met my current husband. He is Catalan and also has a passion for dogs and, after careful thought, we decided to create a company and bring the dogs here. Our German Labradors are sure to be very happy to come to their new home next to the Mediterranean and its fabulous climate! Because, in addition to a lot of sun, they will enjoy a lot of affection and love. This has been the journey from "LabradorRetriever Zuch Vom Egelsee", in Germany, to "Labrador's World", in Catalonia.

I am very happy, together with my husband and our farmers, to start this project.


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