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Why do dog owners look like their dogs?

You often hear people say that dogs and their owners are very much alike. When you see someone walking their dog, you can sometimes be surprised at how much they resemble their dog. But do dogs and their owners really resemble each other?

Several studies have shown that owners do indeed resemble their dogs.


Dogs adapt themselves: If the owner has a calm character, the dog often also has a calm character. Conversely, a calm dog has a relaxed influence on the owner. It is also possible that an active, energetic dog will encourage his two-legged companion to be more active.

Another explanation for the fact that dogs and their owners resemble each other is that, from the very beginning, the dog owner looks for a dog companion that fits his or her personality and lifestyle. So people naturally seek out animals whose traits are similar to their own. After all, that is exactly what people do with our partners and friends.

  • Perfectionists will often choose German Shepherds
  • Friendly and extroverted people have Golden Retrievers in common.
  • Athletic people fit well with Pitbulls and Dobermans
  • Athletic women tend towards Afghan Hounds
  • People who are always busy may well take a Cocker Spaniel or a Chihuahua
  • Hippies score well with Collies or Saint Bernards


Not only the character but also the appearance of a dog sometimes matches its owner.
This can partly be explained psygologically: People choose a certain dog or breed because they think there are certain similarities between them and the dog. Of course, every person has his or her own preferences.

You can see some nice examples here:

photo: Gerrard Gethings (gezgethings)