adopt a dog
Adopt a dog

Why adopt a dog?

If you would like to have a dog, you can choose between adopting a dog from the shelter or you can go to a breeder dog. There are many dogs in the shelter that are looking for an owner.

Adoption dogs

Most adoptable dogs in a shelter are usually dogs that have been given up by their former owner. This can happen for many reasons: because the owner suddenly became ill or died. Or he moved abroad in a different living environment, a change in the family situation, etc. More dogs end up in a dog shelter than you would think.

Yet these dogs all deserve a place in a good family. Adopted dogs also want affection, just like any other family dog. Even older adopted dogs can still be taught a lot of things. You have to be patient and don’t think that a dog will understand everything in one week and do what the owner asks. So give an older dog the time he needs or follow a course if necessary.

What to look for when adopting a dog?

Do you want to offer a dog a new home? Be sure to consider the following!

  • The dog is not helped if he has to stay home alone for whole days.
  • There must be enough time for a dog.
  • Even when it rains or is cold, the dog must be walked several times a day.
  • Most dogs, especially puppies, still need a lot of training. This takes a lot of patience and perseverance.
  • Be aware that you will have the dog for the next 15 years.
  • Think about what will happen to the dog when you go on holiday: can he come along or is there someone who can take care of him?
  • Keep in mind that (vet) costs can be high if the dog gets sick.
  • It is important that everyone in the family supports the adoption.

Ready for adoption?

Adoption dogs need structure, a nice home and some stability. Before the adopted dogs are with you, these animals have already gone through a lot. They have been in the shelter temporarily to make sure they are checked out by a veterinarian, they get vaccinations, then the character is looked at.

Adopting a dog is rewarding, you get a lot of love and attention in return. There are many reasons for  having a dog as a pet. You can build a beautiful bond, really a buddy for life. It is important that you are clear and sweet to the dog. Trust is the most important thing! That is the first thing you have to work on together.

Possibilities of adopting dogs

There are many organisations or foundations that offer dogs for adoption. Sometimes these dogs come from abroad. Usually these institutions follow certain procedures in which they try to make the best possible match between new owner and dog. A dog simply has to fit into a family. In addition, new owners are prepared before their dog comes and they receive plenty of information about what to expect. Sometimes, for example, they come to your home to see if you have the possibilities to take care of the dog. You need to look at your own finances to see what is possible and whether you can afford to look after the dog. It is important that you can take care of the dogs well. Love and attention… that is what the dogs need, but financially it is also important, think of food, vaccinations, etc. A dog needs to be healthy and as a new owner you have a responsibility. Make sure that you and your dog enjoy each other’s company and contact the relevant organisation if you would like to adopt a dog.

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