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House-trained dogs

Dogs in a litter

Dogs that grow up in a litter will instinctively keep the litter clean. The mother licks everything clean and eats everything until they start moving and take other food than mother’s milk. The pups will relieve themselves outside the nest as soon as they can. This instinct can be used by teaching the pup that the entire house is its nest and that it must therefore relieve itself outside.


Cleanliness takes time and accidents are part of it. Do not punish the pup for this accident, you simply missed the opportunity. Take the pup outside to a place where it is allowed to go without getting angry. If the pup does it there, praise it with your voice or a biscuit. Do not go for a walk until the pup has done its business.

Holding back needs

A young puppy cannot physically hold its needs for long. There are, however, certain moments when the pup wants to relieve itself. After sleeping they want to pee, so go outside immediately. After eating they will defecate. So use these moments well! They can also show that they have to go: sniff the floor, turn around, squat, pick it up quickly and go outside.

At Night

At night, it is best to keep the pup in the crate because it does not want to dirty its nest, but make sure that its needs are met before and after and do not leave it there for too long. With very young pups, it is best to take them out of their crate every 2 or 3 hours and put them outside. Remember, this is no playtime, so after a small reward directly in the bench again.

How quickly they become house-trained differs per breed and per dog. It can vary from 8 weeks to 4 months. The more time and attention he gets, the faster he will be housebroken.