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Where do I leave my dog on holiday?

A dog hotel or pet boarding facility is the solution if you cannot leave your dog with family or friends. Of course, it is always best to stay with your dog. But there might be situations where you cannot look after your dog yourself. Fortunately, dog hotels also have advantages.

TIP: Look for a suitable dog hotel well in advance. We recommend that every dog owner has an emergency solution ready in advance. Suppose you are suddenly called away urgently, or you run under a bus and end up in hospital with a broken leg, who can look after your dog? It would be nice to have a place available where your dog can stay safely and comfortably. Look here for dog hotels in various countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany or Spain.

Advantages of a dog hotel

A dog hotel not only provides for all your dog’s basic needs but also offers additional services such as walking, grooming, playtime and massages so that your dog feels at ease.

1. Daily walks

One of the advantages that pet hotels offer is a walking service for your dog. You do not have to worry about your pet not getting enough exercise. Some hotels will walk your dog at least twice a day, and others three or four times.

2. Nutritious meals

Pet hotels offer nutritious, high-quality meals throughout the day. An animal hotel can also provide a diet according to your specifications. You can also bring your own dog food.

3. Internet access

Although your dog is not an Internet user, it is of course nice if you can see your dog via the Internet. More and more pet hotels are offering this service of watching your dog via webcam.

4. Playtime

If you travel and leave your pets alone in the flat, they will not get any attention. This can lead to mischief on their part, and you may return to a wrecked flat. This is why some people choose to house their pets in an animal hotel during their trip. The hotel staff will play with your pets and entertain them while you are away. This keeps your dog happy, gives them the attention they want, and they won’t have the urge to destroy things when you get back home.

Do dogs like hotels?

A dog hotel is like a day care centre for your dog. Remember that a trip to a dog hotel is always exciting for your dog. Depending on the dog’s personality, some dogs like to go to a boarding kennel, especially social dogs. However, it is certainly not ideal for all dogs to choose a dog boarding facility as a shelter.

What does your dog need?

You should therefore think carefully beforehand about what your dog needs above all. If you have a quiet and somewhat timid dog, you do not want to put him in a crowded group in a busy boarding facility.  Or maybe your dog is a big troublemaker with other dogs. Then you want a boarding facility where the staff will keep an eye on your dog and give him his (mandatory) rest on time. Insecure or reactive dogs also require extra attention from the boarding kennel staff. Not all boarding houses are equally good at this: there are specialisations in dog boarding houses: one boarding house is mainly geared towards small dogs, whereas another may be happy to accommodate a group of large shepherds or dogs.

A good dog boarding kennels pays attention to your dog, has expert staff and provides a clean hygienic environment. Once you have found a good dog boarding facility, it is not a bad idea to try out your dog for a day.  You will often be able to tell by looking at your dog whether this was a success or not. Is your dog very stressed or completely freaked out after such a day?  Perhaps you would like to be able to do a dogless activity for a change, knowing that your dog is enjoying himself in a boarding facility or day care centre and is not sitting at home waiting.

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