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House-trained dogs

Dogs in a litter Dogs that grow up in a litter will instinctively keep the litter clean. The mother licks everything clean and eats everything until they start moving and take other food than mother’s milk. The pups will relieve themselves outside the nest as soon as they can. This instinct can be used by […]

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Why do dog owners look like their dogs?

You often hear people say that dogs and their owners are very much alike. When you see someone walking their dog, you can sometimes be surprised at how much they resemble their dog. But do dogs and their owners really resemble each other? Several studies have shown that owners do indeed resemble their dogs. Character […]

Leishmaniosis tropical disease

Leishmaniosis disease

Leishmaniosis is a tropical disease that affects mainly dogs in Europe, Africa, Asia, and South and Central America. The “sand fly” (phlebotombus) sucks blood from a dog infected with leishmania, transforms them into infectious amastigotes and injects them into a healthy dog. Then two things can happen: 1. The dog has a good immune system […]

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Causes of puppy diarrhea

Puppy diarrhea can be caused by: 1. Stress Due to huge changes in a short period of time when the puppy leaves his mother and siblings and arrives into a new environment. After a couple of days the pup will settle. Make sure he drinks and eats . It is also important the pup gets […]