5 reasons why a dog is your best pet

There are many reasons for  having a dog as a pet. Here are 5 important reasons.

1. Friendship with a dog

The oldest friendship between animals and humans is the friendship with a dog.

When you see a some one walking down the street with a dog, you’ll notice this is a peculiar friendship: A friendship between two completely different species.
Dogs have been domesticated by humans for thousands of years as companion animals. Dog graves have been found in Europe dating back 15,000 B.C.! This is the oldest friendship between humans and animals.

friendship dog

2. A personal bond

Because the relationship between dogs and humans has been going on for thousands of years, dogs, unlike many other animals, can actually develop a personal bond with their owners. Dogs, like people, are real group animals. A dog will try to look after his human friends, for example by comforting members of the family when they are sad.

3. A dog is always happy to see you!

Whether you come home after a 30-minute haircut or a 30-week trip around the world, a dog is always happy to see you. The unconditional enthusiasm of dogs is something we humans have fallen in love with.

4. Dogs reduce stress

A studies showed that people produce oxytocin when they make eye contact with their dog. This hormone plays a role in establishing social contacts and increases resilience to stress and anxiety.

5. People with dogs exercise more

Having a dog is not only fun, it is also extremely healthy. In general, people with dogs tend to exercise more. Researchers call this the Lassie effect. Especially for people with a sedentary job, it is important to stretch your legs a few times a day. A dog encourages you in a positive way to take a walk in the fresh air a few times a day. If you really want to lose weight, it is best to get a large dog. People with a small dog are more likely to take a short walk around the block!