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In 2005, the Spanish foundation Prodean: Associación Protectora de Animales Pro-Derecho de los Animales (translated: Association for the Protection of Animal Rights) establishes an asylum in La Línea de la Concepción, a place near Gibraltar, southern Spain.

The daily management of the shelter is in the hands of Dutchman Peter Koekebakker, based in Spain. Together with his Swiss wife Madeleine, he runs an antiques/brocante business near La Línea de la Concepción, in addition to his work for the shelter.

Peter starts in 2005, supported by Prodean, with the shelter of dogs next to the municipal killing station (the "perrera") in La Linéa de la Concepción. Next to this building where the municipality kills dogs caught or found after a mandatory waiting period of 10 days, Peter builds makeshift pens and kennels to accommodate the dogs he takes from the "perrera". In the first years, the dog houses consist of old building materials and donated items such as pallets and corrugated sheets. The kennels are located in the sand, which makes the dogs suffer from the heat and vermin in the summer. During the wet Spanish winters the shelter often floods. However, the stray animals are better off here than outside the shelter. Thanks to Peter's good reputation and his hard work, interest in and support for the shelter is growing, especially in the Netherlands. A Dutch foundation is set up to support the shelter. This is the Second Chance Foundation Netherlands (SCFN), founded in Arnhem, currently based in Poeldijk. 

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