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Senior Dogs Rescue Belgium

After years of private initiative for the rescue of senior dogs, a turning point came: stop or continue in a structured way. This in the hope that the official formula would create more scope to help unfortunate four-legged friends on a professional basis.

What was a "one-man business" is growing into an organization that has prestige in this very specific problem. Not just another non-profit organization, but a body that can effectively meet needs. Our record of dogs that were effectively rescued and have a second life is already considerable but unfortunately this is a problem that will not stop and there will always be work to do. Our current small group consists of people who still have a professional day job but still want to sacrifice free time for this noble cause. We also have retired people who are not lazy sitting in a chair doing nothing, but totally unselfishly take to heart one or other specific task of accounting, secretarial or translation work.

Furthermore, we receive the support of specialists who are professionally active in the dog world and who offer their services for free or at cost price. I am thinking here especially of a talented dog behaviorist and an osteopath with golden fingers. Furthermore, I am pleased that I can finally officially thank the team of veterinarians who have supported us from the beginning. Nothing is too much for them to do to turn the often veterinary neglected animals into full-fledged gritty four-legged friends ready for adoption. We can count on them 24/24. Their modern equipment in the field of medical imaging and operating room guarantee the best care.

Furthermore, "a big thank you" to the people who do temporary shelter. The hardest thing there is, loving a dog and can let go if for the specific dog THE ideal biotope was found for life. The directors of the non-profit organization are completely unpaid , their satisfaction is not material .

They want a professional approach to a specific problem: the older dog that becomes an orphan. Their affinity for senior dogs gives them the drive to do this volunteer work. They don't say like many in animal welfare who say " the more I know the people, the more I love animals" . This is absurd. Their motive is : "synergy between humans and animals".

There are fantastic people in the world. Just take as an example all our adopters. All of them are people with their hearts in the right place. Become one of us , make yourself useful for a noble cause. Put your abilities at the disposal of our non-profit organization. And those who are not in a position to actually join us to roll up their sleeves, support us with your contribution. We have no government support, no subsidy, every euro is indispensable to continue our work properly.


Senior Dogs Rescue
Country: Belgium
Ad number: 20207