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Animal Protection Los Barrios

The Los Barrios kennel shelter is located within the Los Barrios kennel which serves the Campo de Gibraltar which consists of 7 municipalities. The kennel is owned by a private company that has an agreement with the 7 municipalities to collect all stray dogs throughout the Campo de Gibraltar.

A group of volunteers came together to save the dogs from the kennel. The owner of the kennel has allowed the group of volunteers to have an area in the kennel where, once 10 days have passed, the dogs can be put up for adoption.

The volunteers do not receive money to care for the dogs. The kennel owner receives the money to keep the dogs for 10 days but he does not charge anything for giving up this area to the volunteers. So the volunteers have to raise money to buy food for the dogs, medicine, vet, cleaning staff, medical treatment at the vet, blood tests. At least 5000 Euro per month minimum as there are 300 dogs. They are totally dependent on donations.


Animal Protection Los barrios
Country: Spain
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