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Barney´s Dog rescue - Dogs for Adoption

Our History

Barney’s was founded by Danielle and Mathiu Baud in 2007. The name “Barney’s” came from a favourite dog of theirs. After a short while of rescuing dogs, Danielle and Mathiu left Spain and asked me to take over running Barney’s which I agreed to do and in due course we were able to get Barney’s registered as a charity in the Alicante area.


Dogs Are Our Mission
All money raised by Barney’s goes to directly helping abandoned dogs, the only expenses deducted from money raised, other than vets bills and food, are those needed to care for and home our dogs, i.e. petrol, cleaning, stationery and telephone.
It is important to us to do the very best we can to find secure and loving homes for all dogs and puppies who come into our care.

Aims and Mission Statement
The aim of Barney’s Dog Rescue is to ensure the well being of all dogs lost or abandoned within a reasonable area of Cañada Del Trigo. We intend to work with all members of the community, including the Guardia and the Ayuntamiento to achieve this goal.

Barney’s will ensure all dogs brought into our care will receive the appropriate veterinary attention. We intend to re-home all dogs in loving and secure homes and where this is not immediately possible, to give loving foster care until a home can be found.

We will endeavour to give all rescued dogs a new start in life ensuring they are placed in homes that are suitable for their needs.

All new owners will be expected to complete our adoption form and to adhere to the dog care guidelines.


Barney´s Dog rescue
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