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Adopt a Dog - Dogs for U

Dogs for U is dedicated to saving the lives of abandoned and stray dogs in Mallorca. These animals languish in the dog pounds, unloved, unwanted, frightened and depressed. Many dogs are surrended to the pound by their owners, who, for whatever reason, no longer wish to take care of them. Others are rounded up from the streets of towns and villages and deposited there by the police. However they arrive, these dogs face a death sentence after just 21 days unless chosen for adoption or claimed by their owners.


Large breeds such as German Shepherds and Huskies are far more likely to find themselves on death row than smaller breeds, but even cute Poodles and Chihuahuas are often condemned to die because their time has run out. The myriad of adorable crossbreeds – often the result of illicit couplings due to the culture of non-sterilisation that abounds in Mallorca – have only a small chance of finding a forever home during their time in the pounds. The staff members in the pounds work hard to encourage adoptions and will often give a stay of execution of a week or two or even three to a friendly, loving animal, but the sad fact is that they are forced to euthanize those who have been there longest, in order to make room for the constant stream of new inmates.

Dogs For U concentrates mainly on large breeds and crossbreeds as their plight is more hopeless than that of the smaller dogs.  These dogs arrive at our rescue centre direct from the pound emotionally and often physically damaged. They are disorientated, scared and withdrawn. They are frequently underweight and have health problems.  We treat their ailments and give them the love and encouragement they need to recover their joie de vivre before offering them for adoption so that they can finally find their forever home.

Dogs For U also takes smaller dogs – they go straight into foster homes as the larger dogs at our centre can prove intimidating to little dogs. The number of small dogs we rescue depends entirely on the number of foster homes we have available. These little guys blossom in the care of a loving family and their recovery from depressed and frightened dogs to playful, loving individuals is wonderful to see.

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