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The majority of buyers and advertisers on have good intentions and are reliable. Unfortunately, just like in the real world, there is also a small group of people who abuse the trust of others. By reading our tips and advice you reduce the chance of a possible disappointment. We strive for a safe web portal for all our dogs lovers. To support this, we have created this
Trade safe help page for our advertisers, and visitors, to be able to act in a safe environment as well as possible. is facilitating as an advertising platform. Agreements are made between you, and the advertiser.
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10 recommendations for safe trading.

The advice below can help your online transactions not only to be successful but also to be safe on

1. Know who you are doing business with. Research (google) the user, check the data, and e-mail address.
2. Let your common sense speak: if something seems too good to be true, then that is usually the case.
3. Find out with Action Fraud whether any reports about the seller are known to the police.
4. Do you do business with an advertiser for the first time? then we recommend approaching with caution
5. Request the contact details of the advertiser and contact him or her by telephone.
6. Ask as much as possible for a fixed telephone number of the advertiser to verify an address.
7. Ask the advertisers if there are any uncertainties.
8. Do not proceed with the transaction if you do not receive any unclear information.
9. Win as much information as possible about the seller.
10. Know who you are doing business with. Have you done business with a certain seller more often?

Unexpected money offer from overseas or the UK.
Nigerian scams involve someone overseas offering you a share in a large sum of money or a payment on the condition you help them to transfer money out of their country. While these scams originated in Nigeria, they now come from all over the world.
We recommend not to accept deposits via Western Union, Moneygram, or other anonymous payment services.
- Don't accept cashier cheques from outside your country.
- Be extra alert to buyers and sellers from abroad and who use these (anonymous) payment methods.

Take care of messages with this text (example); SPAM!!
Hello I am Parker Ward from United State Of America. I Want to invest in your country. all I want is an honest and reliable person who can be my partner. please email me on [email protected] for more details. Best Regards Parker Ward. Don´t answer this type of e-mails, and mark this as SPAM!!

Protect yourself.
If you are in doubt about who is looking for contact with you, do an internet search using the names, contact details or exact wording of the letter/e-mail to check for any references to a scam – many scams can be identified this way. Remember there are no get-rich-quick schemes: if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.
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Be careful with sharing your bank details.
Do not just transfer money to a seller. Do not enter a bank account number on which a seller can deposit money without first having verified this buyer sufficiently.

Before you get a beloved dog. 10 important rules.

Read carefully. Or download the PDF whitepaper and print it out.

Buying a dog comes with quite a change in your life. A dog is a very loyal and social animal. Raising a dog takes a lot of time and attention. Therefore, think carefully about whether you have the time, opportunity, space, and affection before bringing a dog into your home.

Which dog suits you and your personal circumstances best? This is a question you can ask yourself when looking for a dog. There is a big difference in the type of dog that you buy to guard your house or as a playmate for the children. Are you looking for a dog that the children can play with? Maybe you are looking for a very quiet dog, who will go out with older people in peace and quiet. Will you choose a female or a male?

Do you already have a certain dog in mind? Then think about whether this type of dog will suit the circumstances and the space that you can give the animal. If you live in a house that is built on more than one floor, you should preferably choose a smaller dog. If you have a house with stairs, do not choose a dog with a long body and short legs.

You can choose between a pedigree dog or a crossbreed. The advantage of a crossbreed is that the dog is less prone to defects or hereditary diseases. A cross-breed is also on average less ill and generally gets older compared to a pedigree dog. A cross-breed is also cheaper to buy. With a pedigree dog, you can tell immediately from the breed type what character your dog has. You have extremely playful breeds and very quiet ones.

However, the formation of the (breed) dog's character also relates to puppyhood. It is therefore important to be aware of the circumstances in which the dog was raised as a puppy. The character of a puppy is mainly formed between 4 and 12 weeks of age.

A puppy must be at least 7 weeks old before it can be taken away from its mother. Let the breeder tell you a bit about the puppies' characters. The more he has to say, the better it is. It shows that he is deeply involved with the animals. If the breeder starts asking questions about the circumstances and motives of the buyer, that is also a good sign. A good breeder will never sell his puppies to someone he doesn't trust.

Daily care

A dog's first need is to be given (a lot of!) attention. A lack of attention makes the animal lonely. It will get boring. The result of neglecting the attention is a squealing and whining dog that will break the furniture. A dog should preferably be walked four times a day. Exercise is important. Once a day, the dog should be taken for a walk for one hour.
The dog must have a safe and quiet place of his own at home. It must be a place where he can withdraw. Teach children immediately to leave the dog alone when he is at his resting place.
The coat of the dog has to be looked after well. Brushing and combing are done with a special comb and brush. Long-haired dogs need this to happen every day, otherwise, tangles will soon appear.

For short-haired dogs, a good brushing and combing during the molting period are sufficient. You can go to a grooming salon for special treatments. If you want to bathe your dog yourself, use a special dog shampoo. The dog's teeth should be checked regularly at the vet. There are special dog toothpaste and toothbrushes. In order to teach the dog good behavior, it is good that you can go to various puppy training centers or dog schools. A dog needs guidance. These training courses teach the owner how to lead and the dog learns good behavior through play. The dog must be vaccinated and dewormed regularly.

The dog in traffic.
Dogs can get used to different situations very well. If you have taken the pup out on the road when it is young, it will soon learn that there are different kinds of dogs, just like different kinds of people. A dog will gradually understand that it can be busy at the market, that he will be kept on a lead in front of the shop, and that the owner will pick him up after he has finished shopping. The owner has taught him that there is traffic on the street and that he cannot just cross the street. It is part of the so-called "socializing".

During puppy training, you teach the dog many good things that are useful in everyday traffic. If he reacts well to the command 'sit', apply this directly at the curb when you want to cross. At the next command, you let the dog cross over. How earlier you start this, how faster the dog will learn it. When you continue to train this consequently, the dog at a given moment no commando's more necessary and do it of itself.

If the dog is one or one and a half years old, you can let him run along with the bicycle. It is good for his condition. You can train it in advance by letting the pup walk on the right side of the bike, while you walk on the left side of the bike. In this way, the dog learns to walk on the right side of the bicycle. Hold the lead in such a way that you can easily let go of it and do not cycle too fast. The dog must be able to walk along at a trot. Build it up slowly.

Teach your puppy to ride in the car at a young age. Teach him that when he rides in the car, he sits down in his seat and waits to jump out of the car until you have given the signal. The younger you start, the more profit you will have from this behavior. A young pup can learn this quickly. The young pup will have to wait until the owner lifts it out of the car, so it will learn to wait automatically.

Dog insurance

You do not think about it immediately, but your dog can suddenly get sick or have an accident. The costs of caring for the dog can then suddenly mount up considerably. Medical care for pets in the Netherlands is extensive and of a high standard. You can put an amount aside each month to save for possible medical costs. However, you can also insure your pet.

There are several insurers. Compare the different providers and pay attention not only to the premium but especially to the conditions. Some dog health insurances do not cover everything and some have an excess. Are certain complaints already known to the dog? It is possible that the costs for the treatment of these complaints are not covered by the new insurance. Certain treatments may also be excluded by insurers. This concerns, for example, treatments for disorders that occur frequently in certain breeds.

In addition to pet insurance, there are also a dental, accident, cremation, and travel insurances for dogs. If the insurer is affiliated with the Financial Services Complaints Institute (Kifid), you can submit any complaints to this institute.

When you become the owner of a dog, you are liable for any damage caused by the dog. Therefore take the conditions of your own WA insurance once good by. If nothing or hardly anything is mentioned about pets, you can ask the insurer for an extensive explanation. Ask them to send you the explanation on paper and keep it with your policy conditions as a written confirmation.

The upbringing

In tip 3, the use of a box for getting used to has been discussed at length. Instead of a box, the bench is also a good place to create a safe haven for the pup. A bench is a kind of collapsible cage, where the pup has a free view of its surroundings. Make sure the dog feels comfortable in the crate by giving him food or a toy there. Do not leave the dog in the bench for a long time, but only when you want to have your hands free for example.

Take your dog at a young age to different places, the lift, in the car and with public transport. In this way, he learns to get used to different people and different environments. All impressions gained by the dog before the age of 12 weeks will later ensure that the dog can handle different situations. It is sensible and fun to take a puppy course. You will learn a lot about the upbringing of your dog and the dog will learn to listen to you and to do what you tell him in a playful manner. You will learn the correct way of giving commands.

Just like people, young dogs reach puberty at a certain moment. The dog can suddenly become stubborn and ignore commands. You must be alert on this and especially remain very consequent. Of course, the dog is occasionally naughty. However, the animal has no awareness of valuable things. If somewhere a new shoe is lying around, the dog thinks that it is a nice toy, which has to be examined well by biting at it and dragging it through the room. Keep it at a punitive "foei!" if you find the shoe eaten. It makes no sense to punish the dog afterwards. It only has sense when you catch the dog in the act.

Controlling fleas

Many dogs suffer from fleas. The fleas cause itching. The dog responds by scratching, biting or rubbing violently. This can seriously damage the skin. Some dogs react allergically to flea saliva. Swallowed fleas can infect the dog with tapeworm. It is therefore important to protect the dog from this uninvited parasite. You can get different flea treatments from your vet or pet shop. Ask for advice on which agents are best for your dog and be well informed. Are you using more than one agent at the same time? Please be aware that some combinations of agents can be dangerous. Does the dog already have fleas? Then treat not only the dog but also the entire environment.


Dogs can be particularly troubled by hookworms, whipworms, and tapeworms. It is not only unpleasant but also very unhealthy for the animal and the environment. It is therefore important to deworm your dog regularly. It is better to deworm preventively than to take action when the damage is done. Puppies are dewormed at the age of 2, 4, and 6 weeks. This is repeated when the puppy is 2, 4 and 6 months old, followed by 2 to 3 times a year. You can get the deworming products from the pet shop or from the vet. You can't prevent the contamination of worms one hundred percent, but you can prevent it for a very large part if you pay attention to hygiene, don't feed the dog raw meat, and make sure the garden is free of poop.


The dog is vaccinated to prevent infectious diseases. A series of vaccinations ensure that your dog becomes immune to these dangerous infectious diseases. Sometimes a repeating series of vaccinations are necessary. Against most viruses, a three-yearly vaccination is sufficient. In spring the dog needs an annual vaccination against Weil's disease and kennel cough. Puppies are vaccinated at the ages of 6, 9, and 12 weeks. When buying a dog, a vaccination booklet or animal passport should be provided.


Sterilization is a surgical procedure that takes place under general anesthesia. A small incision is made in the abdominal wall. The ovaries are removed. A small incision remains. The dog is usually allowed to return home the same day. Vets advise sterilizing a bitch at a young age. A bitch comes into heat when she is between 6 and 12 months old. According to the doctors, it is best to have a bitch spayed 2 to 3 months after the first heat. The main purpose of sterilization is to prevent the dog from having litters. After sterilization, the heat will disappear. However, there are also disadvantages, namely the chance of incontinence after sterilization in larger dogs. After sterilization, a dog can gain weight more easily. An alternative to sterilization is the injection pill. This should be administered every 6 months. However, the contraceptive pill increases the risk of diabetes, mammary gland tumors, and uterine infections.


During castration, the testicles and testicles are surgically removed from a male dog. In general, the dog can be picked up the same day. He has difficulty walking after the operation.

A male dog can be castrated from the age of 6 months. Castration does not only make the dog infertile. There are other advantages to such an operation, especially with regard to undesirable behavior. After castration, the male can be curbed in his dominance, although it is not necessarily one hundred percent effective. Some dogs are unstoppable when they come near bitches in heat. Castration can put an end to the annoying urge to drive against objects, other dogs, and people. Castration does not make the dog calmer, which is what many people think. The biggest disadvantage is that the dog will get more appetite and will gain weight faster. There are alternatives. The dog can be injected with an agent that temporarily lowers male hormones. A subcutaneous implant can suppress testosterone production for a period of 6 months.

Caring for the puppy

Before you get a dog, it's a good idea to have a good look at the house for safety. Are there any wires on the floor and are any cleaning products safely stored away? Think about a "private place" for the new housemate. This should be a place where the dog can sleep peacefully. For toilet training, it is handy to get a so-called 'bench' in the house, a room kennel. Arrange in advance for a collar, name tag, leash, food bowls, toys, poop bags, and garden fencing (so the dog cannot run away). Close off areas of the house where the dog is not allowed to go, for example with children's gates. Read books about caring for dogs or specifically about the breed you have chosen.

The first day that the dog is brought into the house is an exciting day for both the dog and the new owner. Give the dog space and the rest to explore his new residence. Avoid too much fuss. Wait with the introduction of your new housemate to friends and acquaintances until it feels at ease. Do not leave the dog alone for too long in the beginning. The puppy will miss its mother and will gradually see the new owner as of the replacement.

Teach children to handle the dog calmly and carefully. It is especially important that the dog is left alone when he lies in his basket.

The first night will probably go the dog squeak and/or whine. It misses its mother and is anxious because it is removed from the safe environment of its mother and brothers and sister. The first nights you can let the dog sleep in a basket next to or near your bed. Do not take him into bed, as this will become a habit that the pup will not easily unlearn. Put a piece of cloth from the parental nest in the basket. The smell can have a calming effect. Let the dog in this way slowly get used to the smells of and the contact with his new environment.


In the past, leftovers from the dog's meal were used as food. Nowadays, manufacturers promote dog food that has special ingredients. Adapt food to the age, size, and needs of the dog. Provide a complete, balanced diet. The guidelines given on the packaging are for the average dog. Adjust that amount to the size of your own dog. Take care that the dog does not get too fat. The animal may become ill. Overweight promotes the development of bone growth disorders. You should therefore weigh your dog regularly. During growth, the quantity of food must be constantly adjusted.

The breeder has already given the puppy a specific food. You can give this food for the first time. If you prefer to give another brand, it is sensible to gradually change the old brand to the new brand. Mix the old food with the new food bit by bit until you give the pup the complete food.

Provide every day a bowl with fresh water. Give the dog the food at fixed times. The first few weeks preferably give the pup a small quantity of food four times. Reduce the number of feedings until (from 9 months) you have two feedings a day: in the morning and in the evening. Adjust the quantity each time. Pay attention to whether the dog gains or loses weight and pay particular attention to its condition. When in doubt, it is wise to consult the vet. At the vet, you can also weigh the dog.

Take away the food bowl after eating and do not let it stand the whole day. Also, take away the water bowl at night and fill it up with fresh water the next morning.

How to housebreak

The house training of a dog begins immediately when it is a puppy. Take the puppy for a good walk before going to bed. Put the puppy in a box by the bed for the first few nights. The box must be large and high enough. The puppy must not be able to clamber out. If the dog starts to protest, you can speak to him encouragingly or stroke his head. However, do not pay too much attention to it and keep it short.

When the dog gets used to it, he will sleep better and better without squeaking. Begins the dog in the night to squeak, let him out. The first nights the pup will have to get out more often, but after a while, the nightly outings will slowly become less necessary. Then gradually start moving the box further away from the bed. Move the box more and more in the direction of the final fixed sleeping place of the dog.

Bear in mind when house-training that a young dog does not know by itself that he must urinate and defecate outside. This must be taught to him. In the litter, the mother cleans up for him. Young dogs must, just like small children get control over the bladder.

When you let the learning process proceed calmly, you will eventually get your dog housebroken, although it takes at the one dog what longer than at the other.

Has the dog become house-trained? Then it is time to start training the street housekeeping. Do not allow the dog to do his need everywhere. You can teach dogs to do it on command. It is best if they wait a while. Sometimes it seems like they have to go, but often it is just territorial behavior. If the dog is about to go and pee, walk him through the door on a lead and give him a firm "No! Then give him the opportunity to do it where it is allowed. Don't forget to take the waste bags with you when you take the dog out.

Take the dog out at fixed times. The first few weeks, several times, and build up to this slowly. Go to the same place the first time, so the dog can recognize it. Make sure the dog can do his thing here undisturbed. A sheltered place is ideal. Encourage the dog by rewarding him after the one thing with praising words such as "good boy! When you, arriving at the for the dog known spot, always give the commando: "pee!" gives, the dog will recognize this command on the long term and you can use the command also on other places.

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