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2022 Tinberdog.com
Tinberdog.com came online in the spring of 2021.
Tinber Network EU is part of SPAINMARKETPLACE SL, holding with 15 years of an online presence. Tinberdog.com provides a huge online network that's all about Dog articles and professional services. Tinberdog makes part of a network consisting of marketplaces, a blog, a forum, and is Tinberdog active on Instagram.  February 2022 Tinberdog.nl has come online. This Dutch Tinberdog targets a niche market of approximately 4.5 million Dutch dog owners, including the Dutch-speaking Flemings (Belgians).
Most of the world owns pets; Dogs are tops.
Dogs put us in a better mood, contribute to healthy behavior, help us recover from illness, and keep us safe. In all that our dogs do for us, it is important that we take good care of our four-legged friends. Tinberdog.com provides access to a huge network, which is all about dogs!


Tinber Network EU
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2022 Tinberdog.com

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2006 SpanjeMarktplaats.nl
It was in 2006 that we started with our marketplace for Dutch and Flemings in Spain, SpanjeMarktplaats.nl, which has been successfully targeting an exciting niche market of about 220k Dutch speakers, including second homeowners, residents, and commuters in Spain and beyond with interest in Spain. The search for emigration to Spain, and buying a second home often starts online via spanjeforum.nl (since 2009). Both websites SpanjeMarktplaats.nl and SpanjeForum.nl have a strong interaction with each other and are part of TINBER NETWORK EU.