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Tinberdog.com offers Dog lovers access to a niche market of about 370k dog lovers in Spain, the UK, The Netherlands, Belgium, Scandinavia, and abroad. Tinberdog offers advertisers access to an online Dog Community consisting of dog care, dog breeders, dog hotels, dog shops & articles, and accessories. 

Tinberdog is Powered by Google automatic location recognition.

Tinberdog pricing policy 2021.

 Dog breeders
For dog breeders. A choice between 569 dog breeds.
3 or 6 months free of charge. 12 months - €24,50

Dog health care
For dog health care service.
3 or 6 months free of charge- 12 months €24,50.

Dog hotels
3 or 6 months free of charge- 12 months €24,50.

Dog Services
This category is intended for all professional services such as dog transport, dog walkers service, etc.
3 or 6 months free of charge- 12 months €24,50.

Date a dog.
With date a dog, you can meet your dog friends, go for walks, mating, date puppies, and anything to make your dog(s) happy in daily life.
3 or 6 months free of charge- 12 months €24,50.
Dog stores & goods.
For dog products, and accessories.  
3 or 6 months free of charge- 12 months €24,50.

Missing dogs.
For calls concerning runaway dogs. Includes local publishing via Facebook.
3 or 6 months free of charge- 12 months €24,50.

Tinberdog supports Dog charities!
Charities advertise for Free. Or
Contact us.  
Online:0,00 for 3 months - €0,00 for 6 months. 

Applicable to all advertisements.
Add a YouTube  video without extra cost.


Tinberdog offers advertisers a Premium dog webshop facility.

Premium dog webshop highlites.

*Publish Up to 150 dog products, and accessories, or dog´s related services.
*Promotion tools to advertise via our red of marketplaces (extra costs).
*Easy web page set up with a header and business logo.
*Monitoring of the number of visitors to your webpage.
*Extensive advertising management.

Premium dog webshop.
Temporarily introduction offer! 
€59 for 3 months -  €89 for 6 months. Publish up to 150 Ads.

Activate and set up your premium dog webshop.

Would you like help setting up your premium dog webshop, and page layout (no extra cost). Get in contact with us.

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